Tick’s are back… and they are hungry!

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March is Tick Awareness Month


March is tick awareness month and it’s time to start your tick and flea preventative….we have had many live ticks brought into the Brockville Animal Hospital and 6 positive lyme cases already in 2017. 96 dogs tested positive for lyme disease in 2016 alone. 

Did you know that ticks are active and feeding as soon as the temperature is above 4 degrees celsius?  It only takes 24 hours for a tick to pass on lyme disease. One female tick can lay as many as 2,000 eggs at a time, and when they hatch, these seed ticks can be seen in large numbers on any dog or cat unlucky enough to be infested. Unprotected animals can bring these hitch hikers into your yard or home and put your family at risk. 2000 eggs from a single tick can make your yard a dangerous place to play in.

By protecting your pets you also protect your family from ticks as well as from the diseases they carry. Lyme disease as well as some other tick borne diseases in your pet can be detected quickly and easily through a simple blood test that can be run in our clinic.
In most cases, tick borne diseases are easily treated if  caught early in the disease process.

Help stop the spread of this deadly disease by protecting your pets through a four pronged approach:

1. Test your pet for lyme disease-early detection allows the disease to be treated before it becomes a big issue.

2.Protect your dog with a lyme vaccine.

3. Use a tick preventative that kills ticks quickly, before they can spread disease and before they can lay eggs in your yard or home.

4. Do a tick check daily on both you and your pet and remove any found at once. If you need assistance please let us know.

We are currently recommending year round tick preventatives due to the climate changes that we are experiencing which are resulting in no months without some days above 4 degrees.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you protect your pets and your family. Book now to take advantage of our lyme disease testing discount and tick preventative rebate program.

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