Hogan Thake

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Rest easy my boy…..The huge void without you here after you left us October 28, will always be a reminder of how big your heart and loving personality was Hogan Thake aka Bubba ❤️.

For almost nine years, we shared our entire existence with each other. I am forever grateful to have that time with you. The time and memories with you, will forever have a piece of my heart. Bubba, you were my everything and so much more.

Thank you Bubs for always being my “wingman”, to the adventures we never planned out yet we always took any opportunity to go for a car ride, to the new places and people we visited, to always saving you “10%” of whatever foods or restaurants we tried, to always being so patient with people that wanted to say hi and grab a picture with you along with your large yet gentle “high five”, to the firm “nudges” under my arm when you wanted a have a drink from a water bottle, to always being so gentle and patient with people that were once afraid of dogs until they spent time with you. The list is endless, much like your passion and love for the people in your life. Bubba, you were bigger than life itself and 99.8% of other dogs for that matter lol.

You always had a soft spot for Grandma and ever so gentle gestures when visiting her.

Ranging from 165-205 lbs, you never stopped thinking you were a lap dog. Unfortunately no one had a choice if you wanted to cuddle, you would gracefully sit on them until they cuddled and shared “squinches” with you.

Always being by your Moms side “Pen Pen” and partner in crime, to becoming her sidekick watching the Young and the Restless and most of all being her number one medicine during her Cancer. Penny D. Burnham.

A very heartfelt thank you too our Angel and Grandma Marsha Dawn Thake who never saw Bubba go without any and all medical procedures and medicine. Thank you for always being there Mom.

To the amazing staff at the Brockville Animal Hospital…..There are no words to express our gratitude and we will be forever grateful to each and everyone of you.

Lastly, a huge THANK YOU to Karen Jones for having blessed us with Bubba. For always answering my questions and helping us through our journey called Life. Karen, you are nothing short of a real life Angel dressed as a human. Thank you for blessing us with him. We truly are the lucky ones to have Bubba.

Run free baby boy,….Till we meet again 💔

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