P.A.W. Plans (Pet Affordable Wellness Plans)

We have exciting news!  Would you be interested in a PAYMENT PLAN for your pet’s preventative healthcare? Would you benefit from DISCOUNTS on food and emergency services?  Well, we have the solution for you!

The team at the Brockville Animal Hospital have created packages containing preventative health care for your pet! With these packages, that we have named P.A.W. Plans, our veterinary team can provide an INTEREST FREE way to spread out the cost of health care for your pet conveniently over 12 months.

We have developed a P.A.W. Plan for each stage of your pet’s life! By signing up to be a P.A.W. Plan member you receive a selection of preventative healthcare for one full year of your pet’s life.

Together with your veterinarian, you can choose a P.A.W. Plan that is best suited for your pet’s lifestyle and age. Different plans provide a variety of healthcare options; from vaccines to spaying/neutering to blood work and unlimited nail trims! Most of our P.A.W. Plans come with a 5-10% discount on all other products and services not listed in your pet’s chosen plan!

Along with these benefits, we believe that by being a P.A.W. Plan member you can work with your veterinarian to promote disease prevention and early diagnosis for your pet. Together we can strive to give our four-legged friends the best chance possible for a long and healthy life!

To find out what these plans are all about, click on the links below or call our office to inquire.

Puppy & Kitten P.A.W. Plan

Adult Dog P.A.W. Plan

Adult Cat P.A.W. Plan

Adult Sterilization PAW Plan

Dental PAW Plan