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Dr. Cindy Roth
Veterinarian, Hospital Owner

When Dr. Roth was 7 years old she watched the veterinarian in her families barn do a blood transfusion between 2 cows. She enjoyed watching so much that she almost missed her school bus! That veterinarian said to her dad “that girl should be a veterinarian”. Since that day, that is what she wanted to do. Dr. Roth never looked back. Between medicating the barn cats and wrapping the farm dog’s boo boos she felt at that time the she was already practicing veterinary medicine. 21 years later she graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College. She ended up marrying a farmer so she went right back to doctoring up the animals in the barn just like she did when she was a little girl. She hopes however, She knows what she’s doing this time around.  She was very fortunate when she was 7 to have the support of her family and teachers to accomplish her dream of becoming Dr. Roth. Who said that dreams never come true!  In 2010 Dr. Roth joined the wonderful team at BAH and has enjoyed working side-by-side with them to provide awesome veterinary care.

When Dr. Roth is not busy being a veterinarian,  her husband and four daughters keep her busy. At this point, none of them want to be a veterinarian. She enjoys scrap booking and fastball, but loves snowmobiling! She is one of the very few at BAH that loves a good snow storm!

Dr. Janet Pegrum
Veterinarian, Hospital Owner

Dr. Pegrum was born and raised within the heart of Ottawa with her first real introduction to agriculture being an educational program she participated in, in which she was required to work on a farm. In 1985 she graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College and started working as a full time veterinarian at the Brockville Animal Hospital.

In April of 2010 Dr. Pegrum became a member of our management team. With her farming background and wide range of experience with exotics and pocket pets, she has worked on everything from cows and horses to hamsters and canaries, bringing us a tremendous amount of knowledge. In her early years as a veterinarian she practiced mixed animal medicine and currently practices on small animals including exotics and pocket pets. Dr. Pegrum thoroughly enjoys interaction with her patients and their owners. A true animal lover, she lives with her husband Ed and their children Karen, Jennifer, John and Eric on their dairy farm. A family with a big heart, they have welcomed Chernobyl children into their home for rehabilitation over multiple summers. Dr. Pegrum, along with her children, are remarkable athletes with significant involvement in track and field and cross-country running. She was a member of the fund-raising committee for the Thousand Island Secondary School community track, and also works as a coach for the Brockville Legion runners.

Dr. Corinne Johnson

Dr. Johnson started her veterinary career 25 years ago on her birthday at the Brockville Animal Hospital. Even though reminiscing makes her feel old, she still remember her first day here. So nervous, so excited and so “very wet behind the ears!”

She enjoys hearing stories about people’s pets and how their lives are so enriched from the experience. Every animal has a personality. Pets and their owners continue to teach her new things every day.

Dr. Johnson’s own dog “Chewy” has allergies so she have a keen interest in dermatology. Her cat “Sooty” has thought her a lot about chronic kidney disease. Hopefully her other 2 cats Darth Fluffy and Boomer continue to stay healthy.

Dr. Johnson has 3 children, Liam, Molly and Sean, all away at university. None wanting to be vets but are in the sciences. She enjoy reading, crocheting and exercising and hopes to travel when my kids are out of university.

Dr. Tracy Synnott

Dr. Synnott grew up in the Maitland area. A lifelong love of horses piqued her interest in veterinary medicine at a young age. Working hard to follow her dreams, Dr. Synnott attended the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph and graduated in 2002. She began her career later that year and joined our team as a small animal veterinarian. Dr. Synnott regularly attends continuing education seminars to enhance skills and medical knowledge.

Away from the clinic she enjoy spending time with her husband Brad and our two children, Drew and Lauren. They are lucky enough to share their home with their two dogs Edna and Marge, and two cats Solo and Arnold. As a family the Synnott’s can often be found at the hockey rink, the top of a ski slope, on the river boating or camping.

Dr. Jennifer Stickney

Dr. Stickney was born and raised “south of the border”.  With a great love of animals and science, she pursued a Bachelors of Science in Biology at Moravian College in PA.  She then completed her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in Mass. in 2001.  She subsequently studied Veterinary Acupuncture in Boston in 2004. She currently calls Brockville Animal Hospital “home”, but life has brought her to a number of Veterinary practices in the years since graduation. This has given her a unique opportunity to experience many different communities, different practice and management styles, and to learn, grow, and work along side many fellow Veterinarians. She has learned one sure thing – every animal and person that comes through the door is a unique individual with unique needs. Care must be catered to each individual. Here at Brockville Animal Hospital she brings her love of medicine, surgery, a focus on compassionate patient care, and the ability to extend treatment options to include non-conventional therapies.

Dr. Stickney lives in Maitland with her two children and menagerie of pets. She seems to have a magnetic draw for special needs and misfit animals! She shares her home with two hand-me-down/pound dogs (Georgia and Oreo), three middle ages cats (Sylvia, Fenway, and Mimi), her daughter’s guinea pig (Cuddles the 4th), eight chickens (including Penny the youtube star), and four tanks of fresh and salt water fish. In her free time she can be found at the rink or poolside fulfilling her duties as Swim and Speed Skate Mom, playing taxi to her kids, exercising her green thumb in the garden or with her indoor plant collections, giving love and attention to her pets, spending time with friends and family, travelling and on very rare occasion reading a good book!

Dr. Melissa Wagner

Dr. Wagner grew up on her family’s farm outside of Windsor, ON and has always had a love for veterinary medicine. She spent a lot of time in her childhood helping with the animals on the farm as well as learning from her mother, who is also a veterinarian.  She went to the University of Guelph where she played varsity basketball and completed a Bachelors of Science degree in 2013. She then attended the Ontario Veterinary College where she graduated in May 2017. Melissa joined the BAH team shortly after graduation and strives to provide excellent medical and surgical care for her patients. Dr. Wagner is looking forward to meeting the wonderful clients and patients who make up the BAH extended family. Melissa and her husband, John, live on their dairy farm with their dogs, Diego and Papito, and cats, Wallace and Myrtle. In her spare time, Melissa enjoys providing veterinary care to her dairy cows, horseback riding, playing basketball and going hiking with her dogs.

Dr. Melanie Stuart

Dr. Stuart is a veterinarian at the BAH who has a passion for surgery, animal behaviour, and wildlife. Born in St. Catherine’s, Ontario but grew up on the East Coast in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. She has always had a love for animals and grew to love veterinary medicine through working at her local clinics and animal rescues. She attended the Nova Scotia Agricultural College and completed an ungraduated degree in animal science and behaviour. She then moved to Prince Edward Island to attend veterinary school at the Atlantic Veterinary College where she graduated in May 2020 with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

Dr. Stuart with her cat, Oliver and fish, Bob made the move to Brockville shortly after graduation and joined the BAH team. She has a passion for all things animals with a special interest in exotics and wildlife and hopes to learn more while working at BAH. She loves getting to know every pet through fun and unique stories from their owners and sharing in the joy of having these animals as our companions! In her spare time she enjoys walks along the Saint Lawrence River, hiking, reading, and travelling. If you have her as your vet please don’t hesitate to share with this Maritimer any advice on the best places to explore in the area!

Dr. Jacklyn Greenspoon

With a deep-rooted passion for animal health and welfare, Dr. Greenspoon has been drawn towards veterinary medicine ever since she first contemplated her adulthood. Becoming a small animal veterinarian represented a true dream of hers. She was born and raised in the beautiful city of Montréal, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Animal Sciences at McGill University, then went on to pursue her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While living on the Macdonald campus of McGill during her undergraduate years, Dr. Greenspoon met her best friend  (and soon to be husband) who was from the Smiths Falls Area. She decided to join him out in the countryside and began working as a veterinarian at BAH in June of 2022.Dr. Greenspoon is particularly interested in dermatology, soft tissue surgery and geriatric care. She also loves working with exotic pets and wildlife. When not at work, She likes to spend time hiking outdoors. Dr. Greenspoon enjoys helping out with her partner’s grassfed beef farm on the weekends with their old cattle dog, Buck. Her hobbies include all forms of skiing (water, downhill and cross-country)! She’s always looking to discover new local restaurants and cafes, and would love to hear about your favourites in town.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Melissa knew she was going to work with animals when she was 7 months old, yup!… 7 months!

With every patient visit, Melissa strive to focus on patient comfort. Her co-workers will often find her speaking in kitten/puppy language or laying on the floor snuggling with her patients, big or small! It works every time! She has been told she has an amazing sense of humour which helps keep everyone enthusiastic.

Melissa rescued a Boston Terrier about 6 years ago her name is Allie, and adopted a brown tabby from the Kingston Humane Society named Jaycob. She fell in love with Jaycob when she met him during her surgical rotation in College.

Outside of the clinic Melissa can often be found at concerts, fairs and festivals, or wherever there is live music playing. She am a huge fan of country music. When the music scene is scarce you can often find her catching up with friends around a bonfire or taking Allie for a walk around town. Melissa love being out and about and staying busy.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Kayla joined the team in July 2017 after completing Algonquin College’s Veterinary Technician Program. She enjoys working with all pets and has a keen interest for exotics. She grew up in Gatineau, Quebec and in August 2017 she moved to Brockville to join the team. She is loving the community and beautiful city. She spends her spare time with her two Quaker parrots Echo and Olly and her cat Nemo who she adopted from the program at Algonquin.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Holly was raised on her family Beef and Poultry farm in North Augusta, ON and she knew from the age of 4, that she was meant to work with animals. She grew up with everything from the normal farm animals to quite exotic ones like emus, pheasants, chinchillas, a hedgehog, peacocks and even some llama’s! While deciding what her true calling was, she took time to travel and work abroad for a year in Australia. She volunteered at Steve Irwin’s (Crocodile Hunter) Australia Zoo and Wildlife Hospital; this is where she realized she was meant to be a Veterinary Technician. Holly enrolled in the Veterinary Technologist program at St. Lawrence College, Kingston. She graduated in April 2020, amid a world-wide pandemic and joined the Brockville Animal Hospital in the same month. She loves her career because she is able to make a difference in the lives of patients and clients.

Holly lives in Brockville with her two basset hounds, Fredrick and Boomer; two love birds, Twitter and Vernon, and two hobby chickens, KC and Barbara.

In her spare time, she loves to perform music in the local area, spend time with her boyfriend and dogs, and travel. She is a thrill seeker; sky diving, bungee jumping (twice!) and hiking a glacier are just a few of the things she has checked off her list. One of her most challenging adventures was the Mt. Tongariro hike in New Zealand, this mountain is directly beside “Mt. Doom” from Lord of the Rings!

Registered Veterinary Technician

Megan grew up on the outskirts of Chesterville with two brothers where they always had a dog, a cat or both. Her love for animals made it an easy choice for her to know that she wanted to work with animals, every day. She currently has one cat named Lucy, and one day plans to have many more pets. When Megan is not working at BAH she likes to spend her time with family, friends, and at country music concerts.

Megan graduated from the veterinary technology program at St. Lawrence college in Kingston, ON, in April 2020. Not long after, she started my career here at the Brockville animal hospital. Megan has really enjoyed becoming a part of the BAH family and can’t wait to cuddle all of your fur babies!

Registered Veterinary Technician

Before she was even allowed to have a pet, Marki knew she loved all animals. She was born and raised in Brockville. If she wasn’t begging her parents for a dog, she could be found at the dance studio practicing for her next competition. After high school she attended the Veterinary Technology Program at St. Lawrence College in Kingston which she graduated from in June of 2019. She spends her days off with family, friends and her cat Honey. Honey was adopted from the Kingston Humane Society. After fostering Honey and her two litter mates, Marki couldn’t bear to let Honey go. She is happy to be back in Brockville and part of the Brockville Animal Hospital team!

Registered Veterinary Technician

Michaela knew that she was going to work with animals ever since she was little. Her passion for animals has taken her down several different roads that she didn’t expect but is  so proud to be where she is today!

Michaela grew up just outside of Brockville and has lived in the area her whole life. She has enjoyed working with the team here at Brockville Animal Hospital for almost 9 years now and is so thankful for all the help and encouragement she’s had along the way. From starting off as a kennel and high school co-op student, volunteering in between summers off from school, 2 full time years as an assistant and now an RVT, she’s managed to experience a variety of positions at BAH!

Michaela began her animal science career by completing a bachelors of science in agriculture with a major in animal science at Dalhousie University’s Agricultural Campus in Nova Scotia. It was here that she built upon her love for all things farming but also found an interest in nutrition and aided on a few research projects based on poultry and aquaculture nutrition. After graduating, Michaela spent some time deciding where she wanted to go from there and with her experience at BAH, it led her to enrolling in the veterinary technician program at Northern College in Temiskaming, ON, where she gained more experience in both small and large animal technical skills and upon graduation, she received the Purina Nutrition Award. In Michaela’s future technician career, she has an interest in learning more about emergency medicine, laboratory work, nutrition and large animal medicine.

Michaela currently has 2 cats whom she adores, Alfie and Luigi (she did mention that she’s a self proclaimed Crazy Cat Lady!), a hermit crab named Dave, a herd of purebred hereford cattle with her husband, Ethan and one very special jersey cross cow named Sienna. In her spare time, you can find her enjoying the outdoors including fishing, walking or just taking in some sun rays, reading, baking, taking pictures of her cats or talking about her cats, working on the farm, milking cows at a side job, or spending time with her family and friends. Michaela loves to learn and hopes to never stop. She is very excited to see what her time at BAH turns into!

Veterinary Technician

Emily’s love for animals started young. Her childhood dog, Sammy, was her first pet, but it definitely didn’t stop there. She owned fish, hamsters, rabbits, cats and dogs – pretty much any animal her parents would let her bring into the house. Her passion for horses started young as well. Emily began with riding lessons once a week, and soon decided to devote more time to the sport. She competed in show jumping competitions as much as she could throughout the warmer weather, and did more training in the winter. Emily’s future career did not take much thought. She knew she wanted to work with animals from the start. Emily moved to Ottawa to complete the veterinary technician program at Algonquin College right after graduating high school, and  loved every second of it. She adopted her cat, Billy from the Algonquin campus, and brought him straight home to meet her family dog, Archie.

When Emily is not working with animals, she love boating on Charleston Lake with her family, going out with friends or just playing with her animals at home. She can’t wait to continue her journey at Brockville Animal Hospital as a veterinary technician.

Veterinary Technician

Bio coming soon!

Veterinary Technician
Keely has always had a love and passion for animals ever since she was young. Pets offer so much unconditional love and support. She knew that she wanted to be able to give back to them. Being a veterinary technician is a gift that allows her to do that.
Veterinary Technician
As a kid, Mackenna always had animals big and small as part of her life! She had a Dalmatian named Tagish that she considered her brother, and when he got sick it solidified her career choice even though she was only 6!
Mackenna grew up in the outskirts of Barrie, Ontario and due to her dad’s job she’s moved around a lot! her family spent three years abroad in the UK and she was given the opportunity to volunteer in the London Zoo as a conservation educator.  She currently volunteer at local dairy farms and sheep farms helping with vaccines and basic medical care with a local Veterinarian.
Mackenna is a recent veterinary technician graduate from Georgian College ( go Grizzlies), and she was thrilled to be offered a position with Brockville Animal Hospital after completing her last coop placement with BAH!
Veterinary Technician
Sara grew up moving all across Ontario due to her parents’ careers which made it extremely hard for to keep friends at a young age.  Due to this she gravitated towards her childhood dog Maverick.  He became her best friend who never left her side throughout moving every couple of years.  This is what made Sara realize she wanted to choose a career which worked with animals.  Maverick inspired her to choose a medical field to help her furry friends.
Sara finished Veterinary Technician school at Georgian College and began a coop placement of 160 hours at Brockville Animal Hospital. After her placement was done, she was offered a job to work here as a Vet Tech!  She has enjoyed every second of starting her career here and can’t wait to experience more!
In her free time, sara enjoy spending time with her dog Lyla and dressing her up like she’s a child (Lyla has a bigger wardrobe than Sara!).  She also enjoys spending time with her boyfriend Brock and his son Rhett! They love to spend time outdoors going swimming as well as playing golf!  they will see you behind the wheel on the green!
Veterinary Assistant

Emma has always been a dog person. Well, a cat person too.

She has always just loved animals. Whenever anyone asked her what she wanted to be when she grow up it always involved working with animals. While Emma was still in highschool she managed to land a job at our local Aquatarium where she tended to otters and fed the fish. After that she knew she had to pursue something in the field of animal care.

Post secondary Emma attended St. Lawrence College and took the Veterinary Assistant course. She found a love of being able to be more involved with animal care, whether it be helping an animal recover from surgery or just making sure they are on the right track for a long, healthy! After graduation she started her career here at the Brockville Animal Hospital. Emma realized this was the perfect job for her! Since starting her career she has adopted 3 dogs, a German Shepherd named Kona, a Standard Poodle named Maple and an Australian Shepherd mix named Reggie.

Veterinary Assistant

Kelsey was born and raised “south of the boarder”, but currently has a small hobby farm in Mallorytown. With a deep love for all kinds of animals, Kelsey and her husband Mat have opened the “Farkas Farm” to include a llama named Dottie, an alpaca, turkeys, chickens, cattle, and an apiary. However the highlight of Kelsey’s life is “her girls” Minnie the St.Bernard cross, Butters the Golden Retriever, Beau the Husky Collie cross, and Mía the Chihuahua! Her dogs inspired her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Kelsey graduated from Algonquin College as a Certified Veterinary Assistant in January 2019. As part of her program Kelsey completed a co-op placement with us and upon it’s completion was ecstatic to call Brockville Animal Hospital her new home. Although Brockville Animal Hospital is her first clinic experience, Kelsey provides to the team a diverse career in the financial district, customer service industry, and office administration.

When not attending to the farm, Kelsey loves to spend her free time exploring the beautiful 1000 Islands by boat with Mat and her dogs.
Kelsey is ecstatic to meet the families of Brockville and help provide exceptional veterinary care to their fur babies!

Veterinary Assistant

Taylor was born here in Brockville, ON and can’t remember a moment in her life where she wasn’t blessed with an animal to love. Her grandparents owned a farm and she remembers feeding the barn cats and saving mice that wandered into the food bags. As she got older she attended St. Lawrence College in Kingston where she graduated as a Veterinary Assistant in August of 2019. Hoping to stay close to home and find a job in her field, she quickly applied to Brockville Animal Hospital knowing this clinic has been offering assistance to the community and their pets in need for as long as she’s been alive, what an honour it would be to work for. Taylor was invited into this amazing group in November of 2019!

If Taylor is not cuddling your pet at Brockville  Animal Hospital, she enjoys spending time with her daughter Taylyn, skating in the winter, swimming and baseball in the summer. They live with Hurley man, their 11 year old Lhasa Apso, their tortie, Raven and orange tabby, Ollie. Taylor can’t wait to meet you and your wonderfully unique pets!

Veterinary Assistant

Don was born in Brockville and grew up just west of Prescott. His grandfather had a dairy farm in Grantly area and some of his earliest memories are of accompanying his grandfather to the barn and seeing the cows, pigs and chickens. Growing up with three younger brothers, Don’s parents always made sure they had a variety of pets in the house whether it be fish, Budgies, a rabbit or a cat. They got their first Pomeranian, and it was love at first sight. Between him and his mom they have always made sure that there is a least one or more Pomeranian in the house.

After spending a number of years in the grocery and high technology industries Don was faced with making a career change and finally decided to follow his heart and enter the animal health care profession. He enrolled in the Veterinary Assistant program at St. Lawrence College and graduated in 2020. It was during a break in his studies that he was very fortunate to be able to first visit and volunteer at the Brockville Animal Hospital. It was during this time that he realized he had chosen the correct career path and was very happy and proud to be able to join the excellent team of doctors and animal health care professionals here at the Brockville Animal Hospital.

Don looks forward to meeting you and your furry friends and will do all that he can to ensure that your visit to the Brockville Animal Hospital will be as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

When Don is not at the hospital caring for your pets, he can usually be found spending time and spoiling his little furry Poms. He enjoy spending time down by the river or spending time with his family and friends.

Don looks forward to meeting you.

Veterinary Assistant

Lexie has always had a passion for animals. She would always try and pet any animal she saw, growing up. She knew one day that she would get to work with the most amazing creatures in the world. Lexie is born and raised here in Brockville, where she met the love of her life and found a home here at this amazing clinic!

Lexie went to school for Veterinary Assistant at St. Lawrence college in Kingston. She stayed in Kingston for 3 years then finally came back home to Brockville.

Some hobbies that Lexie enjoys are; being out in nature, dancing, staying fit, photography, collecting display weapons, playing a variety of games with her husband, cooking from scratch, and going for a drive with the music cranked!

Lexie’s life goals are 1- To work with animals. 2-Finding love and getting married. ( She got married August of 2020 to a handsome man!) 3- Having Fur babies. ( She has two, Mittenz (Norwegian Forest cat) and Eclipse (Bombay). And Finally 4- Buying a house. She hopes in the next 5 years be able to get a lovely house here in town close to her G-pa.

Veterinary Assistant
Ever since Brenna was little, she has had an interest in caring for animals and having so many different types of pets growing up really encouraged her to choose the career she’s in today. She couldn’t be happier with her choice and absolutely loves what she does.
Brenna was born and raised here in Brockville, so she knew going to St. Lawrence College in Kingston was going to be the right schooling for her as it was close to home. After graduating, Brenna had the opportunity to complete her placement here at the Brockville Animal Hospital and was offered a full-time position. She is very grateful for the opportunity and the wonderful people she gets to work with every day.
Customer Care Team Lead

Julia began my career at Prescott Animal Hospital in 1996 where she worked for the next nine years. Thinking she might like a taste of human medicine, Julia spent a year at a local general practitioner’s office but the love for animals brought her back to the Veterinary side where she  joined the Brockville Animal Hospital, for the next three years.

After relocating to Kingston, Julia began working in a human orthopedic clinic. Growing up locally she missed the benefits of a small town and was drawn back to the area where she rejoined the Brockville Animal Hospital in the fall of 2010 and has been here ever since.

Julia has a dog, Andy and a cat, Pinot Noir that keep her house running smoothly.

Outside of work you will find Julia at the hockey rink or the soccer field cheering on my son.
Customer Care Team

Jeanine worked in the clothing industry for 7+ years and wanted to offer quality customer service in a different way. She had been a client of  BAH and always enjoyed the feeling of being a part of our  family as soon as she walked through the door and the love and compassion we have always shown her fur-babies, cats Olive and Hazel, and dogs Willow and Sophee! That’s the quality that Jeanine had the want and need to give back.

From the moment you walk through the door whether for an appointment, food or just to say hello, Jeanine wants you and your furry family to always feel welcome!

Jeanine attended St. Lawrence College here in Brockville, graduating in 2015 from the Office Administration program. The Brockville Animal Hospital is where her heart led her. She enjoys spending time with her, husband Stefan and daughter Austyn. She also enjoys yoga, and a hot cup of coffee. Jeanine can’t wait to meet you and give your fur-babies lots of love.

Customer Care Team

Julie is originally from Peterborough, Ontario.  Her first job after attending Fleming College was at Parkhill Animal Hospital were she worked for 3 years until she met her wonderful husband Mike, who is in the Army.  They got married in 1993 and moved to Kingston to begin a family.  They have two children, Devyn and Sarah.

Julie’s fur family consists of Jinx, a Persian/Himalayan and two dogs, Gracie a loving Boxer and Abby an energetic Standard Poodle.

In 2008 Julie decided to go back to school and became  a Certified Personal Support Worker and graduated with honours.  She worked in Smiths Falls area in Home Care until they were posted to Trenton.  She always missed working with animals and decided to go back into that field.  She worked in Belleville and Trenton at various clinics covering maternity leaves until she was hired Full time at a small clinic in Belleville were she became Office Manager.

The summer of 2018, Julie’s husband was promoted and posted to Ottawa. They moved to Brockville were She had the wonderful opportunity to join the amazing team at Brockville Animal Hospital as a Customer Care Representative.

Customer Care Team

Her whole life Roslyn found comfort in the company of animals. When she’s been happy, scared, sad or just in need of a hug it has always been her dog Gerty that she turns to (or any available four-legged furry friend, down for a snuggle). At every party, social event or even walking down the street – you can be sure that she will seek out and find an animal companion to hang out with. It’s taken Roslyn a few different career paths, in finance and customer service and an education in urban planning to realize that her real place is being surrounded by animals everyday. People say that when you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life and that couldn’t be more true (excuse the extreme cheesiness of that last line, I promise I’m normally better than that). Roslyn has found that perfect balance, snuggling your pet companions, at the Brockville Animal Hospital.

Outside of work you’ll find her either in the kitchen, cooking up some gourmet magic or in the great outdoors, enjoying whatever the day has to offer.

Customer Care Team

Carley was born and raised in Brockville. She completed a 2 year Medical Office Administration program at St. Lawrence College, graduating in 2017.

Carley’s passion for animals started at a young age. Growing up, she was always spending time with the family pets, spoiling them in any way she could. She finds peace and comfort in the presence of animals. Since graduating, Carley has been in the client care field but her love for animals paved a pathway to her new journey. In July of 2021, Carley received the amazing opportunity to join the Brockville Animal Hospital team as a Client Care Representative. She is so grateful for this experience and is looking forward to meeting the wonderful clients of BAH along with their precious fur babies!

Carley currently has 2 Persian cats: Ozzy and Muffin, who happen to be brother and sister. She enjoys taking long country drives and stopping to visit any horses she can along the way. She also enjoys painting and relaxing by the water enjoying a good book.

Customer Care Team

Growing up in the very small town of Lansdowne, around lots of wildlife, always having a couple of dogs, a cat, and on horseback at least twice a week, it really wasn’t long before Payton knew that she wanted to be surrounded by animals as a career

Payton’s spare time involves lots of outdoors! Concerts, events, fairs, four-wheeling, snowmobiling, trail riding with the barn friends, and spending lots of time with her fur children, Remi, Crush and Rhylie!

What really caught her eye in veterinarian medicine was being a kennel student and doing some Client Care work at age 13 at her hometown clinic as well as having to do lots of equine emergency first aid courses. (Something she told herself she needed to do before finally purchasing her first horse at age 15!). Working constantly before and after school at her boarding stables. As well as digging deeper on how to further her education in the Vet Med world and currently undergoing steps to become a Veterinarian Technician.

Payton was ecstatic to be welcomed onto BAH’s wonderful team with open arms, and to build connections with such amazing clients!

Customer Care Team

Miranda recently joined the Brockville Animal Hospital family in January of 2023. She has been in customer service for 10+ years and has always enjoyed making positive and genuine connections with anyone she encounters! One of things she loves about BAH and the role she plays here is being able to be a familiar face during happy and/or sad times with clients and their sweet furry friends! It truly is so rewarding to cross paths with someone outside of work, and they feel comfortable enough to say hi, because of that connection that was built through team BAH. As much as she is here for her love of animals, she has a passion for client care too, she wants to ensure she makes you, as pet owners, feel valued, heard and seen.

A little bit about Miranda; She was born and raised here in Brockville and grew up in a household that always had four-legged family members, so naturally her love for animals started at a very young age and has only grown with time. Outside of work, you can find her with her little dog, Chase! 

Miranda looks forward to meeting you and your beloved pets! 

Customer Care Team

Breanna grew up on a beef hobby farm until the age of 12. On the farm they didn’t only have cows; they also had chickens, pig’s and bred Blue Great Danes (96 puppies to be exact). Once Breanna moved off the farm she found her love for the sport of horseback riding, and is still in love with it today. Ever since she was young she knew she had always wanted to work with animals, growing up with them she always loved learning about the animals and tried to provide care for them.   

Breanna started in the veterinary field just over four years ago with a co-op placement in grade 11, then shortly after she became a kennel student at a previous clinic, and now she is a proud BAH  CCR. She is currently going to school to become a Veterinary Technologist and is so excited to offer her knowledge and quality care for your beloved pets! 

Inventory Associate
Spending the first part of her life on a farm, the love of animals was there from the start. Anything furry and cuddly will make her stop in her tracks to give some loving pets, belly scratches or ear scrubs.
Tracey is a huge Senators (please don’t judge 😉) and Blue Jays fan, and loves to watch games live or on TV, but her favourite teams were always the ones her children played on. She enjoys spending time with her family, taking long walks and tending to her flowers.
Tracey lives in the beautiful Charleston Lake area with her two children, two dogs (Trixie & Gunner), three cats (Mittens, John & Wonton), and a crested gecko, Zap.
Director of Business Administration

Leslie began her career in veterinary medicine at the Morrisburg Animal Hospital in 1990. After relocating to Brockville in 1992 she joined Dr. Hanes and his team at the Brockville Animal Hospital as a Customer Care Representative. Leslie can still be occasionally found on the reception desk but primarily spends her time as Practice Manager of the hospital. Away from the office Leslie & her husband enjoy  being outside with their very active Australian Shepherd, “Frankie”

Liz, VT
Director of Veterinary Services

Liz is a Veterinary Technician and the Director of Veterinary Services at the Brockville Animal Hospital. She still remembers her very first day here as a student in 1994.

Liz grew up in a home where pets were very important. She have a boisterous lab who likes to steal things off the counter if he can, and a sweet torti cat named Maple who loves to clean Cooper’s face for him. She also has a charming guinea pig named Pig. She loves spending time with hr family, going to her children’s baseball, hockey and soccer games and travelling with her husband.

Liz feels so lucky to be a part of this dedicated group of individuals. She has worked as a Veterinary Technician for 20 years and also as an instructor for the Veterinary Assistant program at St. Lawrence College in Kingston.

Liz can’t wait to meet you and the important pet in your life. She would love for you to come in to say hello!

Director of Marketing & PR

Jonelle initially joined the Brockville Animal Hospital Team in 2005 as a Customer Care Representative. Her first official day of work was June 20, 2005. She will always remember this as it was two days after her wedding! She might be in a bit of trouble if I forgets!

In 2007, Jonelle and her husband decided to try out business ownership which led her to take a partial leave. Over the course of ten years she felt fortunate enough to continue to fill in on an as-needed basis while running her businesses. She appreciated still being considered a part of such a fantastic team! In 2015 Jonelle returned to the BAH Team on a regular basis. It has been very rewarding to be back, she says! She has enjoyed taking on different marketing/PR and admin rolls at BAH but you will still find her filling in on the front desk from time to time.

Outside of the clinic Jonelle enjoys spending time doing outside activities, cuddling with their many pets, camping, and cooking with her husband and daughter.

Ambassador (Boss Cat)

Tilly, started with the Brockville Animal Hospital in the Spring of 2011. We had a void to fill and she qualified as our new ambassador. Tilly fits in very well with our team and has made herself right at home. You can often find her snuggling with a staff member or called upon for her comforting abilities. She is very talented at purring and juggling her crinkle balls. Tilly is always eager to visit with clients. Come on in to see her, she will be waiting to welcome you and your pet. But please be sure to check your carrier, she sometimes likes to catch-a-ride!

Junior Ambassador (Baby Boss Cat)

River, started with the Brockville Animal Hospital in the Spring of 2022. We had a void to fill and she qualified as our new Junior Ambassador for our Brockville Waterfront Veterinary Services location. River fits in nicely with our team and has made herself right at home. You can often find her chasing her toys around the hospital or laying in the sun, people watching in one of our river-facing windows.