Fuzzy/Shelby Bouwers

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On December 3rd, 2012 our little family had to make the hardest decision it has ever made. Fuzzy’s kidneys had given up the fight and it was time for her join her sister Kaylee in Fields of Gold . We are devastated and so very sad but we feel so incredibly blessed to have had the most wonderful fifteen years with our beloved Fuzzy/Shelby.

Over fifteen years ago we welcomed Fuzzy/Shelby into our lives and our hearts. As newlyweds and still learning the art of compromise, our beautiful golden baby ended up with two names. Lisa wanted the name Fuzzy and Dave wanted to call her Shelby (but over the years the name Fuzzy definitely won out!) When we got Fuzzy we were financially challenged and could barely put groceries in the fridge but both of us really wanted a family pet to grow along side our newly married lives together. Dave had just rewired Lisa’s Grandparents’ home and they gave us a little money to help us out…instead of buying groceries for ourselves we headed straight to the pet store and got all the supplies needed for a new puppy! We are so glad we had our priorities straight! At the time we had no idea how much one little ball of yellow fur would bring us so much love and support and change our lives forever.

We brought her home at six weeks of age and in an instant she captured our hearts. She was so small Dave could carry her inside his jacket pocket and bring her all over town to show her off. She was our first baby, she made our home a home and she definitely knew her place in our family. We didn’t own her…she owned us. As she got older, she enjoyed accompanying Dave on his rollerblading excursions and was always up for a daily long walk with Lisa.
One of the best things about Fuzzy was that she was there for us through good times and bad. We have had many hardships in our family over the years and she always knew when we needed extra care and attention. She helped pull us through every time and we could always rely on her to bring comfort to our family. Every time someone was sick or not feeling well, even if it was for days on end, Fuzzy was right there to snuggle with and never left their side.

Fuzzy was stubborn too and a real alpha female. When Kaylee (our second Golden) came into our lives from the OSPCA, Fuzzy was more than a little perturbed! We were not exactly sure the time or date that Fuzzy accepted Kaylee as her sister and part of the family but it became very apparent on one occasion visiting Lisa’s parents in Pembroke. A neighbor dog came out of nowhere to scare and jump on Kaylee and suddenly out of thin air came this yellow streak of fur running at mach one speed, head down like a bull. Yes Fuzzy! She then proceeded to head butt the dog clear across the yard and barked as if she was saying “How dare you touch my baby sister!” Yep, we knew Kaylee was “in” then.

The greatest memory of gratitude that we have for Fuzzy was the role she played in Christian’s life. Again she was unsure of this “new” person that suddenly took over our family but soon she began getting up with us for the nighttime feedings and sat alongside Christian wherever he went. The moment that we will be forever grateful for was the day she protected Christian as a young baby. Lisa took Christian in his stroller for a walk when a very angry large Rottweiler came out of the bushes and headed straight for the stroller. Lisa’s heart stopped as she froze in place. It all happened so fast but Fuzzy didn’t let the fact that the dog was twice her size stop her. She didn’t back down and stood between the menacing dog and the stroller and took him on. She jumped on him and they rolled and fought, there was no way she was going to let Lisa or Christian come into harm’s way. Thankfully Fuzzy only required a trip to the emergency for a few stitches.

As our family grew with the addition of Abby in 2007, Fuzzy’s nose was out of joint once again but it didn’t take long for her to let Abby snuggle up with her on the mat and accept yet another new Golden as her sister. Then came Bentley in 2010 who she visited regularly. She would bark and bark at him while she watched him from the comfort of the truck behind the glass windows but the day she stood beside him and came face to face with him and saw just how big he was…..well she never barked at him again!

Fuzzy always did a nightly “perimeter check” at our house, making sure that everything was in place and that nothing was out of the ordinary. If there was something new on our lawn or out of place they got a severe barking at letting us know that there were possible dangers lurking by. Not only was she a great watch dog but she always stayed clean. She had a bit of a snobby side and while accompanying Kaylee and Abby for a wander in the woods, the other two would come back filthy from head to toe, Fuzzy was always clean as a whistle. She LOVED her Florida trips, visits to SuperPet to see “her hamsters”, walks and of course snuggle times on the couch in the evenings. We have so many beautiful memories of her to keep close in our hearts. This past year we learned a lot from our Fuzzy. As we knew that she was in the last chapter of her life we began to spoil her even more but along the way she was teaching us some valuable lessons. She taught us to live in the moment with her and realize that each new day that she was still here with us was a blessing. She taught us that you are never too old to participate in all that life has to offer or learn something new. She taught us to enjoy the simpler moments of life and to take time to just be still. She showed us perseverance, determination and unconditional love. She helped us all in our grief over losing Kaylee and most of all she expanded our hearts with even more love.

Dave always had a saying about Fuzzy….”she always has to be beside Mommy” Well, Lisa begs to differ. Yes, Fuzzy always had to be near her and never left her side but “she always had to be near Daddy, Christian, Kaylee and Abby too!” She loved all of us and wanted to beside everyone no matter what. On her last day on earth Lisa let her outside and she mustered whatever energy she had left to run to the office to go get Daddy as she knew that is where he was and she wanted to be near him. Before we had to say goodbye we all held her and she looked so lovingly at us. For fifteen years she “always had to be beside us” but now it was our turn to be beside her. On Monday evening at our home surrounded by Daddy, Mommy, Christian and Abby, Fuzzy left this world knowing that she was so very loved.

Most people know that all dogs go to Heaven but some people ask “How do you know that it is actually them up there and not just any dog.” We are comforted by passages in the Bible. Job 12:10 “In His Hand is the life of EVERY creature and the breath of all mankind.” God created all creatures, great and small and He doesn’t forget about any one of them. “Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God” Luke 12:6
Goodbye Fuzzy/Shelby, you leave huge paw prints on our hearts and many wonderful memories! We are sure that there are many “perimeters” to check in Heaven. Run with your sister Kaylee until we all meet again. You will never be forgotten.

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