Apr 08 2021

Tom Tom Collins

In Memoriam:

To my Tom Tom,

It’s hard for me to ease the pain I feel,
now that you are no longer here.
As my outgoing, gregarious tabby cat,
you were always such a dear.

Picturing you curled up comfortably
On my outdoor, padded chairs,
The sound of your gentle purring,
Always seemed to have a way,
Of softening worldly cares.

You were so fond of our garden walks,
On the lookout for squirrels, birds or bees,
hiding in the bushes, or sitting in the trees.

And you seemed to know every word I said,
You made your wishes clear.
Expressed your thoughts, in funny ways
that I will hold so dear.

At times, I cannot believe that
your spark of life has gone,
There has to be a much better place
Where our love can carry on.

Always loved,

Jane C.

Passed on: April 8th, 2021

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