Oct 18 2021

Sarah Bowlby

Sarah was born in Guelph Ontario, she was a very loving girl that loved sunbathing in the warm sun in the afternoon🌞, Sarah had a wonderful way with helping people feel better when they were feeling sad with snuggles and her deep purr at the most needed times!  As a kitten I entered Sarah into a beauty contest, and she won first prize🌸! Sarah was diagnosed with a rare medical condition as a young female cat, surgery was in need to save her life, The University of Guelph OVC filmed Sarah’s surgery, the medical footage was used to help educate the wonderful Veterinarians in School how to perform the surgery and what to look for when diagnosing! As a Cat Mom I was honored and delighted my Sarah was involved with helping to save female cats! Sarah will be missed greatly, the farm is not the same with you gone, her brightness that filled up the room when she strutted in and your deep Meow! Sarah, I rescued you when you were just minutes old, you rescued me when I need you! Monday October 18th, I held you in my arms as we said goodbye💔, you are in heaven where you are running around and eating all the Temptations and Tuna in the world!


I love you and miss you so much Bean, Love Christina, David, Hannah, Pistachio, Stallone, Esperanza (Roo) ❤️


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