Max Maclean

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We would like to thank all the Dr’s and staff who recently cared for our precious Cat Max.Although we are still mourning the loss of our beloved pet on Monday Nov. 8th, we are comforted with the thought that he is now at peace and no longer sick with his lifelong 11 year upper respiratory illness.Max was a very unique and special Cat, he showed us everyday how much he truly loved us when he would greet us at the door, with his head butts, his daily lap naps, and his constant loud purring the moment we would touch him. There are so many ways that he touched us with his gentle nature. He was so welcoming and loving to our other 3 cats (all rescues) but he made sure they knew he was top cat since he was our first cat to arrive in our home.We adopted Max and his Sister at 6 months old in 2011 from the Brockville OSPCA. Sadly his sister Mia was euthanized in 2012, at 2 years of age from complications of the same Upper Respiratory illness.Max was a Cat like no other and we will forever miss him and keep him in a special place in our hearts. We still feel his presence and we know that he will continue to give us signs that he loves us from afar and that he will be waiting for us until we someday meet again.Ralph & Marlene Maclean


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