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Lacey Lee

By October 7, 2022 October 31st, 2022 One Comment

On October 7, 2022 we said goodbye to Lacey, who was just shy of her 15th birthday. Lacey was fairly new to Brockville but was warmly welcomed by the staff at Brockville Animal Hospital, and we thank them for their kindness and care.

Lacey never met a person she didn’t like, probably from being walked as a puppy on the busy streets of downtown Toronto where life was an opportunity for her to meet countless new friends. Here in Brockville/surrounding area her favourite places were Hardy Park, Blockhouse Island and Prescott River Walk. She could walk for ages, usually insisting on taking her own direction according to her nose. For most of her life, the sight of other dogs elicited her trademark beagle “Rooooo!” that could be heard far and wide. Lacey broadened her social circle at Cornerstone Canine, which took excellent care of her and embraced her quirks with affection, noting her immense love of food. At home, Lacey was always the winner of staring contests when the prize was something to eat. She strived to wear us down with her “Feed Me” gaze and let us know if we were overdue on her snacks. She made her fellow beagles proud.

Lacey will always be much loved and remembered by her family. May she spend eternity running with her old pals and rolling in the green grass with the sunshine on her face.

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