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Ollie Schmiegelow

By August 21, 2023 October 19th, 2023 No Comments

Our sweet boy Ollie left us last week. Our thanks to Dr Wagner at Brockville Animal Hospital for making his departure swift and peaceful.

I’ve been struggling for days to find the words to express what he meant to us, and words just aren’t enough. There are good dogs, and great dogs, but Ollie was simply, the BEST dog. I’m sure everybody says that, but hear me out.

For his human family, he saw us through many of life’s challenges.  He sat with his heavy head on our laps through it all, never leaving our sides. And you’ll never meet a dog more devoted to his kid (our son). They were best pals from the moment they met.

He was an essential partner in welcoming and raising every new creature at the farm. He was gentle and patient, sharing his bed with new pups, kittens, chicks, ducklings and goslings. Puppies would nip, kittens would hang off his wrinkled face, feathered and fowl would peck at his fur, and grab his nose and toe beans. He didn’t just put up with it, he absolutely relished it. When gentle corrections were required, he was there, guiding the way.

He was an epic napper, a champion roller, and an enthusiastic consumer of all food stuffs. He was gentle, joyful, loving, empathetic and kind. He was also unapologetically happy, all the time, his thick otter tail in perpetual motion. He had the softest ears, the best wrinkles, and the most kissable snoot. He loved counter surfing, belly rubs, ear strokes, head massages, inspecting food deliveries to all the livestock, snuffling fresh hay, and sleeping with his muzzle shoved as deeply as it could get into someone’s shoes. (He also had a slight toe fetish, probably something he would’ve preferred I not mention). Above all else, he LOVED his family. He was a loyal protector and steadfast friend. He never faltered.

We miss him dearly.

My last words are for Ollie.

You did us so proud, sweet Ollivander. 

You now lay at the base of the giant 100 year old Norway Spruce trees at Clova, overlooking the paddock of your friends, Fred & George. A mighty resting place, for a mighty dog. We’re building a bench for what will forever now be known as, “Ollie’s Spot”.  I’ll sit there and have coffee with you, as I did every morning you were with us. Thank you for loving us so well.

Rest easy, dear friend. 

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