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Dental care and oral hygiene are so important for our furry family members too! Your pet’s breath may not smell sweet, but it shouldn’t make you flee the room. Foul odor in the mouth can indicate dental disease. Excessive drooling and lumps in your pet’s mouth aren’t normal either. Sometimes we forget to lift the lip of our pets to take a look. Just like us, Dental prophylaxis, meaning preventative treatment, prevention, protection and precaution, are important for our “other” family members!

Bacteria in the mouth, can get into the bloodstream and can affect kidneys and heart just like humans. This can affect overall health of you pet. There is a big difference between a dental at your groomers and a dental at your veterinarian. No one likes to see signs of dental pain in our pets. This could require dental x-rays which can only be done by your veterinarian. Because we can’t always see what’s going on below the gum line, these x-rays are very important!




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